Thursday, June 18, 2009

The tanning bed

So each of the kiddos have needed a photo-therapy bed to help with their bilirubin levels. C's were especially high. I remember we had to go to the Dr so he could give blood SEVERAL times during his 1st week of life. He did cry the first couple times, but by the end of the week, he slept right through it:) He was pretty jaundice in retrospect.

AM was jaundice as well with high levels, but the photo therapy bed was old hat at this point. I didn't even take a close up of her in her bed. This is what it was like at night on my "shift". Those home bed were great though... with the zip up jacket and blanket. Much more functional than the hospital bed.

AC had to go under the lights at the hospital and they did not have the "bed" that projects light from the bottom. The hospital only had a light that projects from the top. Therefore requiring the sweet sunglasses that we could not keep on her face!