Friday, June 12, 2009

The first bath

I am going to begin a series of "COMPARE and CONTRAST"s. It's gonna be great. R U excited?

We start with the first baths. Here is AC after her very first "submersion" bath. Her belly button didn't fall off until she was almost 4 weeks. After that I was just used to giving her the sponge bath. She seems to really enjoy the bath. No matter how I mess up her hair, it always ends up parted and flat.

Here is AM. NOW, as the "lost" middle child, I did not take a picture of her first bath. This is a picture of her on a towel so for all intents and purposes, this will work, BUT as we all know...this is where we changed her diaper for the first month or so. She had so little hair on top.

I made sure to take a picture of C's first bath because one of Granny's friends made us a great "pre-made" scrapbook, and one of the pages was a FIRST BATH page. We used to love to comb all his thick, dark hair after a bath.

He looks so grown up this his styled hair!


Michelle said...

I AM going to love your new series! The first bath comparisons are great. They are all precious! I personally think AC looks most like you :).

thanet_skoglund said...

I am excited for the comparisons! Bring on the next one!