Monday, February 16, 2009

Remember when...

Sorry about the 15 sec commercial that precedes the video.One of B and my songs...if there is such a thing.

This song always makes me cry. I am feeling a little nostalgic. Maybe it is because there are so many hormones flowing through my 29 week pregnant body, but maybe its because this will probably be my last pregnancy and I am reflecting on pregnancies past. Saddened because we were so busy and stressed out that I do not have any "pregnancy" pictures of when I was pregnant with AM. I guess in the long run, it doesn't matter, but when my mom asked for the ol' belly shot, I wanted to compare and contrast with C and AM.

Here is me pregnant with C at 28 weeks... 5/14/05

And me pregnant with "A" (as we will now call her) this Sunday...29 weeks...2/15/09

Its awesome I have the same shirt on, right? And now, B and I will continue watching "First Blood" on AMC.


tmchildress said...

Love the belly shots! If it makes you feel any better, I never got any professional pics of Noah as a newborn. I feel really bad about that, but what can I do now? You don't need pics to remind you about how each pregnancy was for you. You have your beautiful children to look at every day to remind you!