Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Last Thursday's Playdate!

I felt so lucky last Thursday to be able to pick up the little ones from school. We met up with our friends at the park. There are 3 children in this family and they are all one year apart. I always tell people about them... Her oldest is in C's class, her youngest is 2 days older than AM, BUT she has one in between. CRAZY!! They are so fun to be around!!

I was so proud that C was able to learn how to climb over this and down the other side.

C refers to this as the "boat park". Kids love this boat!
Unfortunately, there wasn't much to look at except for water beetles...lots of water beetles!

PS Cabinets are in the garage, ready to be installed tomorrow. The wait starts for the counter tops on Thurs...


Mrs. Wiggy said...

Looks like they're playing Pooh Sticks!