Sunday, July 20, 2008

You know you have good babysitters when...

You know you have good babysitters when they invite you to spend the day on the the lake with their family!!!

We are so lucky to have the best babysitters in the whole world...and they are all from the same family. The babysitting sisters invited us on their boat this Sat with their parents and another family that they babysit for. We had an amazing time. All the kids thoroughly enjoyed themselves!!

Here is AM driving their jet ski!

C was hesitant at first, but then all he wanted to do was drive!! Mommy even got a turn to play on the jet ski...poor Daddy had to stay home and paint the house. (Post to follow when paint dries :)

CHEESEEEEE!! We HAD to go to a beach that was dubbed "C's Island" because of his persistance to get there! Here are the kids with the oldest sister and baby A!
C even got to drive the boat on the way home...I mean really drive it! I think he might do okay if he would look where he was going more often!


Anonymous said...

OK, like I heard you say, "We are in trouble now". C and AM are going to expect jet ski's when they come to South Carolina now!

Gramma Worthy