Thursday, July 17, 2008

Stay at home VS working

As a woman who will be going back to work full time after staying at home with my little ones, I was moved to tears when I read this ...
(thank you musingsofmichelle for posting what you have been clicking)

I can finally breath a heavy sign of relief now that we have officially decided where AM and C will be for the next year. B and I have had so much anxiety about being economical and doing what is best for our kids. Last night we worked out all the details and we are all set. I think they will have a good balance between one on one care and being around other children!

PS Shouldn't I be teaching Calculus right now? Darn first year...working out the kinks!!


tmchildress said...

I read that article. It was VERY good! It is tough to make that kind of a decision, but ultimately every woman must do what is right for them and their kids! I am glad you are doing what's right for your family! Now...get back to that Calculus (throw-up sound in background)!!!! I'm glad you are teaching that and not me...maybe you can teach me some lessons on the side-HA!

lunar said...

I hadn't had a chance to catch up on blogs in awhile, and gosh...I really needed to read that right now!!!!