Friday, November 23, 2007

38-30? Whoop!

That's right!! The Aggies pull out the victory againist t.u. We couldn't be more proud of those guys...MAN!! We had a day!

We started off with a trip to "Pump it up!" We had a great time because B was able to well as Granny. Granny and C even went down the BIG slide!

AM ONLY wants to stand. She crawls around and finds some way to pull up and then just stands...for LONG periods of time!! She stood here on Granny for about 20 minutes. She is really growing up fast :( ... I'm ready for another :)

AM is just over 8 months old and she can wave... I don't know if that is good, but we are so impressed. Unfortunately, we predict she will be walking in a month and getting into LOTS of trouble...