Monday, November 26, 2007

Holy Cow...I'm 30!!

AM in action. I think she's trying to tell us something :)

C is doing some cooking. He started with a bowl of peanuts. He moved them from bowl to pan to colander, etc. He stirred them with a spoon. Glacier and Cedar got a couple. When he was done, we had peanut butter...JOKES! But we did have small shards of peanut everywhere.

I told C this was a Christmas tree stand... So, he stood in it...and got stuck. He takes things so literally. Like the time he asked if he could use his hammer to hammer the wall. "NOOOOO!" I screamed. Then I rummaged through his toy box to find the little wooden "H" shaped toy with 8 little plastic pegs sticking up, just waiting to be hammered, and handed it to him. When I turned back around, he was banging on the wall with the wooden toy with the pegs in it... hammer laying on the floor.