Sunday, September 23, 2007

Where are we going?

Where are we going? Shoes? Green ones?

So, I have been a total slacker about posting on this blog lately. This was a fun week for us. We met T-bird at Hermann Park on Wed. This place is amazing. There are 3 or 4 HUGE playgrounds and then a little water park...right in the middle of Houston. I was quite proud of myself for getting there and back. I don't really do downtown well...all those oneway streets and lack of on-ramps.

On Thurs afternoon we went on a walk at eastend park with the pups. I wish I had a picture of the journey to and from this little beach...I will attempt to paint it for you in words. Little AM is in the stroller, while C is on my shoulders. I have one arm separating C from a comfortable ride on mommy's shoulder from a dusty fall to the gravel path. The other arm is pushing the stroller and holding both dogs leashes as the pups attempt to mark every bush and tree we pass. All the while singing with C about "hiking to the river"!

We ate at Bill's Thurs night to celebrate KC's bday. B looks so cute with all the kids...I think we should have another baby :)

Here is AM actually sitting up. She does very well as long as no forces act upon her and cause her to fall over :) Ce-dar!?!