Sunday, September 30, 2007

Bye! Bye! September

This weekend we met up with my master's group for some dinner. I could only stay for an hour because I had to get the little ones to bed, but these ladies probably spent more time with C in the womb than anyone else. We would always joke about how C should know "Linear Algebra" and "Differential Equations" when he was born because he had heard so much of it!!

C got a new back pack for that he could wear. So cute seeing him carry it into by himself :)

So, its official. AM and C can play together. Let the sibiling rivalry begin... We are really working with C on sharing, but he gets so mad at AM, Cedar and Glacier for taking his things... everything is "MINE!"..."NO! Cedar Glacier!"...."Bad Dog!"...We starting telling the pups "Bad Dog" when we hadn't really done that before :)