Tuesday, May 29, 2012

C's Baseball

C decided to try baseball this spring and I think it was a big success.  I think it was mainly due to the great coaches that he had helping him.  He went into the season barely being able to hit or throw a ball and ending getting a hit every time he was up and making some great plays while in the out field.

Here he is on base.  These are his old cleats from last soccer season.  They were way too small:(

 This guy LOVES cereal.  He eats it almost every morning, before practice and as a snack frequently.  These are his new cleats...I LOVE THEM!  I think he looks soooo cute!  When B took him to go get them, he thought I wouldn't like them because I am kinda a cleat purist, but I really think he looks smashing:)

B is hanging out with some other dads at the game.  Sometime they had to help in the dugout, outfield, or baselines.  One time B had to be like an umpire...

Granny and Pops can to support C at some games:)

 Here is C in his new cleats in his super batting stance...doesn't he look smart...?

The girls did really well at the games.  They made some friends with other little sisters there and either brought strollers to race wound with during the games or a blanket to spread their toys out on to play with.  I was always surprise how well they played at the baseball games.  They never complained about going...not like soccer games.  I don't know if it was the shade or their new friends...