Tuesday, March 27, 2012

AM is 5!

Such a special occasion calls for a Wall of Honor tribute!!  I put up pictures of our angel from when she was a baby until this year!

Here we are post-school celebration.  Her birthday tends to fall on Spring Break, so we celebrate the Thurs before with her classmates.  We missed the cupcakes at school because of scheduling, so we recreated the party at home the next night:)

On her actually Birthday, we went out to eat for some Mexican food.  Gramma and Papa don't get much legit Mexican food.  They sang Happy Birthday and everything.  I loved it because none of the kids even asked for a sugar sweet dessert... They were satisfied with the meal and good time.

For AM's actual birthday party, we took 5 of her closest friends to Build A Bear.  We gave her several options for birthday party and she was adamant about having it here:)

I loved that all the kids got their own stuffed animal as a party present!!

Everyone came over after to have cupcakes and hang out. (But only briefly because I had a soccer game:)

We got her a bike and Barbie vanity table.  She loves her bike!!!