Sunday, April 24, 2011

Easter Weekend

The kids didn't have school Thursday or Friday so they started off the weekend with some pool time. It has just recently started getting warm enough outside, which is nice that it stayed cool for so long.

Here they are at war with the sprinkler...where do they learn this stuff?

After I worked Thursday and B worked Thursday night, we headed out to go camping for the long weekend. We took the pool with us. AC loves it more than anyone else. We have to drag her kicking and screaming from it...

B reading C a book :)

This was so adorable. The kids spontaneously laid down and were starring at the clouds. B turned to me and said that it made him realize how busy we have been. He told me he used to just stare at the clouds when he was in Montana and he can't remember the last time he looked at the clouds:)

Our camping trip got cut short when AM started running a fever. We stuck it out through the night although there wasn't much sleeping. We came home the next morning and AC started running a fever as well.

So, Easter morning was wonderful. The kids got their Easter baskets and we headed out for the egg hunt...

Since the girls were sick we could go to church(we had decided it would be too crowded anyways). We had a small service in our back yard on Glacier's Bench. We read from C's bible and sang a song.

Said a little prayer...
Played a little Wii...

And had a pretty good Easter!!