Thursday, December 30, 2010

Leading up to Christmas...

This year I feel like the cousins all played so well together!! They played "monster" which involves a lot of running and screaming. We all spend the night at Gramma and Papa's one night.

Here's a jammie picture.
We decorated Christmas cookies for Santa. Aunt Kerri is so organized. She had m&ms, chocolate chips, gum drops, and crushed candy canes on individual plates for the kids to use. They came out awesome and Santa LOVED them!!

These boys are growing up and learning to love electronics. They sat there quietly for a good 15 minutes.

We attended Christmas Eve service and then had dinner at Mark and Kerri's. Here is everybody and fancied up.
Gramma got every one Christmas jammies that they HAD to put on immediately!! They also all got these sweet sling shot animals. Things got crazy on the stairs...

Group picture!!