Monday, April 19, 2010

So then we took the cousins to the zoo!!

Don't worry...I've been in touch with Andy and he told me about how great Mac is, but how they are elitist...

Look at these lovable cousins at the zoo:)
Here is a pic of everyone...but me, climbing:)
C is really giving James the evil eye...he really wanted his turn at the helm!
James helped C pet the goats. C is a bit skittish when it comes to getting dirty and petting random animals!!
Before Andy composed himself, these 3 had a go on the carousel. Notice how my sweet C is holding on for dear life and the other two are carefree. Needless to say, C did not go on the Carousel again and made me swear not to show the video of him shaking and holding on with all that is good and holy!


wirrek said...

A month later, I can say that this was probably one of the worst days of my life. ;) Thanks for the memories.

Anonymous said...

Love the Carousel!!! I also rode it at Disney!