Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Holiday Roadtrip to Ft Worth

We journeyed to the Fort Worth area because we were invited to to a former student's graduation dinner. Money is tight around the holidays, so we BEGGED to stay with S and Haydog to save some $$. They agreed...even with the dogs :) Then, come to find out JuJu made the drive to see us! That was such a great surprise!! The kids were very excited to see S and JuJu...

The dogs were excited as well! They jumped right up on JuJu!

We went to Uncle Julio's and had some margaritas :) S and Haydog passed out...

This is a glimpse into the future for the newly engaged couple... They will probably have 3 kids before 2014!!

On Sat night we went to a fancy dinner to celebrate T's graduation!! She is such a great girl and it was great to see her again!! The kids did pretty well, but the AC was a touch fussy :( We ate some crazy game like Elk, Wild Boar, and Buffalo... even had some cactus. I remember when T would only eat salad with a little ranch dressing because she was kinda picky...she has really grown and changed!!