Sunday, September 13, 2009


For B and C's birthdays, Granny got them a Wii... you know the video game console. This is AM and C boxing each other. AM is not really into it though:)
B likes to play the bowling and drink White Russians like he's the dude on Big Lebowski.

We rented Diego for Wii from the Blockbuster. That went REALLY well. C struggles with the games we have, but the Diego game is made for his age and doesn't let you lose:) B enjoyed it also.
I think this is such a great idea because you do have to be moderately active to play the Wii. You don't just press the buttons, you also have to move the remote accordingly to the game you are playing.
Here is B playing the baseball...see how he is actually swinging his bat. Awww...strike 3...your out :(


Anonymous said...

Love those outfits, Brian, especially the orange T-shirt!


Michelle said...

Oooh, I want one so bad! Maybe Santa will bring one this year?!? So, do you like it? Have you tried Wii fit?