Wednesday, May 27, 2009

B-rad + T-bird = LOVE

We went to Austin for Memorial Day weekend for B's brother's wedding! We had a pretty good time considering we were traveling with a 2 week old and AM and C started off the weekend with fever's and bronchitis.

At the hotel, we ended up in an amazing 2 bedroom suite with a full kitchen, living room, huge master bath with jacuzzi tub, and 2 patios! We had asked for adjoining rooms, but they did not deliver...Luckily Pops took charge and hooked us up with the suite!!

C, AM, and AC welcomed their new Aunt on Sat evening. The wedding was at their house in South Austin and planned for the backyard. Unfortunately, it rained a bit and had to be moved into the living room. They were able to fit 4 tables of 10 chairs inside and still have the ceremony in front of their fireplace! It was so intimate and sweet...I cried and cried!

You may recognize the officiant, he was in our wedding! He got "certified" online to perform the wedding!

You know there was CORN! These guys love popcorn... and beer... especially Lone Star(the official beer of Texas)!

Here is the whole family!

Look at my angels in their matching outfits! They looked so cute and sweet. I can't wait until they can all match again!!


Sarah P said...

So fun!!! and the matching outfits are the best!! as always i can't wait to meet her...she is beautiful...just like the other two!! Miss and love you guys!

Michelle said...

The pics are great! Your kids are SOOO SWEET and BEAUTIFUL! You are an amazing mom.