Monday, October 13, 2008

C is playing soccer... well, define playing.

Last Friday, C had his first soccer party at CiCi's pizza! Followed Saturday, by his first soccer game. He just turned three, so needless to say, the playing wasn't quite up to par, but all in time, right? Just getting outside and meeting some more kids his age was a good time. We are trying to make it very positive by going to get ice cream after each game. (That may be more for mom than C.)

This weekend, Gramma was in town to take care of me and therefore able to attend his second game. No parent were allowed on the field this weekend, so the coach had some trouble keeping players on the field. In the fourth quarter, the teenage boy referee gave C a "high five" and asked him "Ya gonna kick the ball, bud?" C smiled from ear to ear and he was a different player!!! Don't get too excited. The result of this interaction was that C stayed on the field and chased the mass of kiddos that surrounded the ball. In contrast to the crying running off the field, we were VERY proud!!!
This video was from last weeks game when all the parents were allowed to hold their kids hand...