Wednesday, August 27, 2008

So, we inherited these boots...

I think they are hideous, but AM really loves her shoes. Actually, she loves every one's shoes. She love wearing C shoes or my shoes or anyone that comes over and takes off their shoes. She found these and HAD to wear them.

Daddy had to run and errand to the Stein and took AM with him. She, of course, would not take off the atrocious boots and Daddy was forced to take her in public wearing them. We thought she would get some laughs, but NO. My suspicions about the Stein were confirmed when B came home and told of stories of women going on and on about how adorable her boot were...huh?

She looks like a drill team dancer or something, right?


lunar said...

I totally call these boots next...they look like my drum major boots! Maybe you could incorporate them into her Halloween costume. ; )

Anonymous said...

I'm very offended! :) See if I hand any more clothes or shoes down to AM! I think she looks adorable and I don't even shop at the Stein. -K