Thursday, March 20, 2008

So, I had some knee surgery...

Happy Spring Break to me! I had a new ACL put in last Tues 3/10 and unfortunately, I am suppose to use crutches every waking minute. It is tough when you have little ones! sister flew in to take 1st shift. We had such a great time having her son here. Then my parents drove in for second shift. It has been tough and it's not over, but everyday gets better!! I wish I had more pictures, but everyone was always yelling at me to sit down!

At any rate, I can't thank mine and Brian's family enough for all the help they have given us. We literally could haven't done it alone. This has been such a difficult week+ and we are so thankful for our family that stepped in to help us...and thankful for Debs and Ruth Ann for the delicious food!!!