Monday, December 3, 2007

We finally met "the boyfriend"

...and they look so cute with our kids. We drove up to Dallas this weekend with JuJu to visit S and meet her boyfriend, Haydog. We had such a great time!!! The little ones were pretty good considering:) Here we are at Mia's...
We took Bear for a walk so he could chase the ducks and C could briefly hold his leash.

S and I at the duck lake!!
Everybody at dinner!!
We also went to have lunch with a friend of mine from college and high school. Her little ones are so sweet! Her Sweet Pea was so wonderful to C and especially AM!!
Her Bear is almost 2 months younger than AM, but they are about the same size...they should call him Big I right?
We truly enjoyed seeing our friend and this was good practice for our upcoming drive to SC for xmas!! So many great restaurants in Dallas, I can't wait to go back!!!