Sunday, October 28, 2007

"Welcome Home!"

I know, I know...The title of this post should be something witty and spanish like "VIVA Cozumel!" or "Pico, Pico, Pico!", but I am going to tell you ( as I am a seasoned world traveler ;) that there is something special about going through customs to get back into the US and have the agent say "Welcome Home." The pride you feel is quite real.

At any rate, B and I had an AMAZING long weekend in Cozumel, Quintana Roo, Mexico. We arrived at 11:30ish and got in our Taxi to the PresidenteIntercontinental. We had lunch and then hung out on the beach. We took advantage of the 2 for 1 happy hour from 5-7pm and watched the sun set....This became our evening ritual->Happy Hour, sunset.

Fri was our "Adventure Day". We rented a car and drove to "The Other Side". We started by visiting some Mayan Ruins followed by some lunch on a dive restaurant overlooking the ocean.
El Arco

By dive, I mean roosters walking around.


We found a secluded beach to throw the football and attempt some juggling.
Then, we did a bit of shopping and grabbed some beers at "The Reggae House".

In Hammock with XX

The highlights of Sat were that we took a cab into town for some lunch a "local"ish place. The food was authentic and delicious.
At Las Chozas with XX

The weather was uncooperative the rest of the day and B stayed in bed while I got a massage at the spa. We capped off our weekend with the biggest bowl of guacamole you have ever seen in a bowl made of asphalt(or granite:).