Sunday, August 19, 2007

Annemarie's Baptism

AM was baptized today. Things got off to a rocky start to say the least. I think that she must have given herself an upset stomach because she was so nervous about her date with God. She also didn't want Uncle B-rad(her sponsor) to blow it!! At any rate, as we were walking out the door, AM spit up all over me and I had to run and change. This of course after she had just spit up on Great Grandma's baptism dress that was over 80 years old. Typical. During the service she and C were perfect angels...except when C said, "I want to go bye bye.", on our way up to the altar. Luckily, it got a chuckle from the congregation. Granny and Pops were there along with B-rad and T-bird. We went out to lunch after, followed by a round of naps, except Uncle B-rad(he's not really a napper). C looked so cute. He managed to keep his tie on, but couldn't keep his shirt tucked in.

All in all, the day was about AM and it was so wonderful. We sincerely feel blessed...

JESUS!! as C says.