Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Holiday Roadtrip to Ft Worth

We journeyed to the Fort Worth area because we were invited to to a former student's graduation dinner. Money is tight around the holidays, so we BEGGED to stay with S and Haydog to save some $$. They agreed...even with the dogs :) Then, come to find out JuJu made the drive to see us! That was such a great surprise!! The kids were very excited to see S and JuJu...

The dogs were excited as well! They jumped right up on JuJu!

We went to Uncle Julio's and had some margaritas :) S and Haydog passed out...

This is a glimpse into the future for the newly engaged couple... They will probably have 3 kids before 2014!!

On Sat night we went to a fancy dinner to celebrate T's graduation!! She is such a great girl and it was great to see her again!! The kids did pretty well, but the AC was a touch fussy :( We ate some crazy game like Elk, Wild Boar, and Buffalo... even had some cactus. I remember when T would only eat salad with a little ranch dressing because she was kinda picky...she has really grown and changed!!

Sunday, December 27, 2009

C's last week of school!!

The week before Christmas break, I was so lucky to be able to participate in C's school activities!! On Tues, he had a Gingerbread House making party. They used milk cartons and graham crackers, but they had a GREAT time!! Here is C putting the frosting on so he could stick LOTS of candy to it!!!

Here is the finished product!! It should be in a magazine right?

Then, by the grace of God, I signed up to help with the Christmas Party before school even started. This meant that another mom and I were in charge of a game, book, craft and lunch with dessert...This is asking a lot from 2 moms that don't usually entertain twenty 4 - 5 year olds:) I was in charge specifically of the book readings and the game. We played Christmas Bingo and read the Olivia Christmas book. It went pretty well for me I think.
Here is the craft...Reindeers :)

I am about to read the story...

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Weekend in Austin...

THEN, we ventured to Austin for a wedding reception of a girl I played soccer with in college. B's brother and his wife are so amazing. Not only do they love our kiddos, they agreed to watch them over night while we danced the night away!

B's old roommate and his wife flew in from California! We felt very fortunate to be able to spend some time with them!! The kids were so happy to see them as well!!! So glad they decided to come!

The reception was such a GREAT time...other than my typical blunders. There was this other guy that "shaves his head". He looked like B and I couldn't tell them apart!!

Here I am with E. We met on the soccer field when we played together in college. I used to always say I had a non-sexual crush on her, but lets face it...she gorgeous and its sexual! WOW! She looked amazing... it may have been that she was happy to be there with her friends, family, and love of her life, BUT, it could also be that she is just radiant...
KC and I had a good time on the dance floor! I love this girl! We are so lucky to have them in our lives...I truly hope we are "life-long" friends!!! Can't wait until S's wedding!!!

Monday, December 21, 2009

C's Christmas Concert...

So our holiday season has been busy to say the least. C had a Christmas Program put on by his school. He is such an angel and was really focused and trying hard!! It was difficult to decide which pictures and videos to put up because he is so great in all of them!!!

One of a few videos we were able to capture! He really sings well!!!!

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Our Baby is 7months old...

Do you like how I missed 6 months? Man, we have been busy. Being an adult is not really that cool! At any rate...our little one is now 7 months old and she is really changed this month. She can now eat her baby food so well. Before, she would just spit it out :) She will spit it out if it is something she doesn't like...carrots for example. She can also sit up like a big girl. I had a dream last night that she stood up...hopefully she won't do that for a while:)

Here she is a Thanksgiving. She was a little turkey:)

Don't worry...her mom and dad love her so much even though she is the 3rd child. I guess I love her too much :) I thought she wouldn't push me away until the teen years.

She's an angel:) I just wrote angle instead of angel...funny.

Sunday, December 6, 2009

So it snowed on Friday...did you hear about this?

Snow? in Houston? The poor city was frantic...including me:) The school district let out an hour early and my college closed at 2pm. Traffic was horrendous when I was trying to go pick up the kids. B said that it was pandemonium at the high school.

BUT, When I got the kids home, we ran around outside and threw super tiny snowballs at each other. B and I kept saying how beautiful the snow falling really is. So fluffy and pretty:) We considered moving somewhere that we would see snow on a regular basis. That lasted about 10 minutes...and then I was too cold.