Thursday, June 18, 2009

The Car Seat

Sadly, we have had a different car seat for each kid. We never really like the first one for C. We got a new one for AM. They were both travel systems. The travel system consists of the car carrier that the baby actually rides in, the "base" that the carrier snaps into for car rides and the stroller that the carrier also snaps into. AM's stroller was stolen when B and I attended a Texans game. Honestly, who steals a stroller...

AC's current travel system is from my sister and we love it! It seems so light and functional... Thanks Sis!! It's a GRACO. The stroller is awesome too because it kinda stands up on it own which makes for each loading and unloading from the car.

Here is AC...This is the day we brought her home from the hospital.
Here is AM... This seat was "Eddie Bauer", but I wouldn't recommend it or anything. She is a couple weeks old here!

Here is C... He is over a month old. OMG! He is almost 4.