Tuesday, April 21, 2009

We are just about ready.

So, we finally set up the crib and bassinet in AC's room this weekend. Lucky for us, it rained ALL day and we couldn't really venture out. We move all C's clothes and belonging to his new room with his new loft bed. He sleeps on the top, by the way. Makes me sooooo nervous, but he really loves it. The first night he was so excited he said, "I 'm so excited...I CAN'T CALM DOWN!"

We went through all the toys and closets and clothes and made a hefty donation to goodwill in the process. I always say...IT has to get worse before it gets better. I thought B was going to go run in the traffic because our house was such a mess!



Yeah! Anyone is welcome to come over and sleep on the queen bed on the bottom...PAPA?


Anonymous said...

So who is going to change the sheets on the top bunk?

Seriously, it looks GREAT!!

Michelle said...

I love C's new room! What an awesome bed. So fun for a little boy. And I am proud of you guys for getting ready for AC :) I can't wait to meet her!!